Laser Buddies Arena

If you like something completely different then our Laser Tag arena is definitely for you. This fun inflatable laser tag arena is practically black inside so all you can see are the lights of the guns.
Laser Maze
The internal arena is constructed of interconnected chambers forming a simple maze (please see internal image below). To enhance the visual effect of the lasers and add to the excitement, the inside of the arena is gloomy and may be filled with fog.
inside laser mazeThe mobile laser tag arena is 7ft tall. We can set up indoors or out.

Up to 8 players have game time to score as high as they can without being shot themselves OR split in to two teams and have a full blown battle! Of course you also have to try and avoid running into other players as you run around the maze. This is a non-contact game (you are firing a harmless laser at your opponents gun) and it can be played by any age no matter how big or small, male or female. However, because of the relative darkness we do suggest age 5+. Unlike paintball there is no pain when you get shot!

This is the very latest Laser Tag shoot out game for your special event, be it a birthday/wedding/fete/family fun day/stag do/hen do/team building event. No matter what the occasion this arena is for you!
If it is corporate entertainment or team building that you are after then a laser game is a must. It is superb for getting two teams working together and as games can be very fast and furious a large company’s workforce wouldn’t have to wait long before it is their turn.

What we require
We will preferably be provided with access to a power supply (just a normal wall socket) but if one is not present we can supply a generator at an additional cost.

What we provide
The Laser Tag arena comes with at least one CRB checked and First Aid trained member of staff to oversee it and run it.

They are there to work with you to make sure that the arena is set up to the way you want it, where possible. They will always advise you on safety first.

They will then run the games for you by tagging the guns for every game and making sure that whoever went in comes out. At all times during a game our staff member will be standing by the door to allow quick exit if someone becomes scared inside the arena and want to get out quickly.

A very bright torch is always on hand to search for items lost in the arena or we can use it to show your guests around if they want to check out the arena before playing.

Laser Buddies Packages

Parties are for up to 16 people, with a maximum of 8 people allowed to play in the arena at one time.

Laser 1
1.5hrs Manned party hire of the arena

Private Hire
Manned £POA
Unmanned Half Day (3 hours) £300 Whole Day (6 hours) £500

Optional Extras
Hire of generator (for duration of your hire) £40